High performing native ad units dynamically created based on demand.

Hoverr helps publishers generate incremental revenues by monetizing their unused and high performing inventory. Our proprietary technology dynamically loads native ad units based on audience and layout of the page.

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Some of our units include:

A/B testing

Our technology automatically A/B tests the performance of the units and decides the best unit over time and decides on the ad unit to be displayed for every impression based on anticipated demand.


100% Control

You can switch on and off any of the ad units that appear on the screen in a click.



Auto Pass Back

We will be able to customize to pass back the inventory in case if it doesn’t get filled by your existing demand,Guaranteeing you don’t loose any revenue in that spot.

Programmatic demand

We work with several RTB partners, Exchanges and DSPs across the world to bring you the best demand possible and get the value for the inventory.


We’ve increased the revenues of our publishers by 5X and have been able to manage to bring in demand to fill in more than 500M+ Impressions every month.



Analytics and Reporting

You get a complete dashboard that provides you with analytics and the numbers for each ad unit separately and helps you understand the value of each spot and the corresponding revenues.

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